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I absolutely loved this book. From the first page I was captivated and
completely transported into the story. The author doesn't waste a
word and as a fan of crime thrillers this is one of the very best I
have ever read...

… an excellent read; well written , with a well crafted story which had me enthralled right up to the end. Great to have such an original story
line in a crime thriller...

Fast-paced, addictive thriller which kept me guessing until the very end. The perfect holiday read, I couldn't put it down!

Gritty, dark, tense, intelligent, atmospheric - everything I love in a crime novel - and one hell of a page turner...


In the sleazy quarter of a US East Coast city, known as the Devil’s Patio, 28 year-old hooker Danni Neville is brutally murdered on a late-night bus. When Cop Mike Morris arrives and looks at the body, he sees
what could be the face of his actress wife, Jay. She is Danni’s
identical twin sister, and deeply traumatic events in the girls’
shared childhood have left Jay with lasting nightmares. Horrified by
the killing, she agrees to pose as Danni in a TV re-enactment of her
sister's last movements, but Mike, an aggressive man with dark
secrets of his own, fiercely objects. Violently possessive of Jay he
carries a bitter grudge against the Detective handling the
murder case. Themes strangely relevant to unfolding events emerge
within the stage play Jay is rehearsing, and suspects hover like
ghosts in the wings. Danni's mysterious death in the city where Jay
and Mike live casts a dark spectre over both their lives, leading
inexorably to a shocking, deadly conclusion.

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